Why buy property in Egypt

Egypt isn’t just a destination for winter sun and beautiful beaches where you can swim all year. It has history, culture and an exotic Middle-Eastern lifestyle where your money goes a long way. Cost of Living is really low, falafel sandwich costs just 6 pence and beer only 29 pence. Recently the Egyptian Pound devalued and the British Pound can now buy almost double, property and products all good for the British and European clients.

Egypt proves one thing about buying property overseas: you don’t need megabucks to own abroad and get some relief from the British winter. Egypt has studio apartments for under £5,000 (or go mad and get two bedrooms for £12,500), with pool, landscaped gardens and a view of the Red Sea.

Flights go all year from throughout the UK for less than £200 return. So you can spend long weekends splashing about in the warm sea, and relaxing in your Egyptian home while your friends are shivering at home. Why not rent it out to them when you’re not using it?

For those with bigger budgets, Egypt offers a luxurious lifestyle you would pay a lot more for in Europe, Caribbean or Far-East, but without the travelling time, expense or jet lag.

The flight time is around five hours and Egypt is just 1 hours in summer and 2 hours in winter ahead of UK time.

Popular resorts along the Red Sea Riviera include El Gouna luxury and exclusivity in abundance, about the most luxurious, with its golf course, marinas and five star hotels and restaurants

Sahl Hasheesh is also quite special, just a 20 minute drive from Hurghada and its airport.

There are other resorts along this coast such as Makadi Bay, Al Ahyaa, Al-Mamsha,  at varying price levels and accessibility.

The two aces up Egypt’s sleeve are its 5,000 years of history, with pyramids and valleys of kings, plus its British connection. Many Egyptians speak English and have an affection for the country that ruled here for a century.